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Gets transfers (paginated)

This is an object representing a paginated list of transfers (transactions) completed on hashport. You can retrieve it find transactions and the details of each transaction.


By providing a filter.transactionId query parameter, you can check if a new transaction has been verified by the validator swarm.

Query Parameters
  • page integer required

    Page number - starts from 1

  • pageSize integer required

    Page size - max 50

  • filter.originator string

    Originator address or account ID

  • filter.timestamp string

    Timestamp in RFC3339Nano format

  • filter.tokenId string

    Token ID or token address

  • filter.transactionId string

    Transaction ID or transaction hash



  • items object[]
  • amount string
  • fee string
  • isNft boolean
  • metadata string
  • nativeAsset string
  • nativeChainId integer
  • originator string
  • receiver string
  • serialNum integer
  • sourceAsset string
  • sourceChainId integer
  • status string
  • targetAsset string
  • targetChainId integer
  • timestamp string
  • transactionId string
  • totalCount integer