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Get a specific asset from Network and Asset ID

This is an object representing the amount locked on a supported asset (assetId) in a supported network (networkId) on hashport. You can retrieve it for details about a supported asset on hashport, such as the token ID, name, symbol, decimals, type of token (fungible or non-fungible), as well as some other metadata to help communicate the information on the dApp as well as other API queries.


Sample Request
"id": "0x14ab470682Bc045336B1df6262d538cB6c35eA2A",
"name": "HBAR[eth]",
"symbol": "HBAR[eth]",
"decimals": 8,
"isNative": false,
"type": "ft",
"minAmount": "60060060060",
"feePercentage": {
"amount": 500,
"maxPercentage": 100000
"reserveAmount": "33944643924"
Path Parameters
  • networkId string required

    The network ID

  • assetId string required

    The asset ID



  • bridgeableNetworks object
  • property name* object
  • decimals integer
  • fee integer
  • feePercentage object
  • amount integer
  • maxPercentage integer
  • id string
  • isNative boolean
  • minAmount string
  • name string
  • releaseTimestamp integer
  • reserveAmount string
  • symbol string
  • type string