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Porting Steps

Porting steps represent the order of operations that your dApp must conduct with the user to successfully port an asset across the hashport ecosystem.

After submitting the necessary query parameters below, you can retrieve an array of steps (actions) with all of the necessary details to contruct transactions, locking assets on the domestic network, and minting the projected token on the foreign network (if applicable).


Your dApp should ensure that the user has a sufficient number of tokens to:

  • submit transaction(s) (e.g. to pay for gas fees, to pay for Hedera network fees, to send the number of tokens specified by the user)
  • associate tokens on the Hedera network (if not completed through a Hedera wallet service)

Your dApp should only allow the user to move to the next action (next index in the array) when the previous one is successful. If the previous action is not successful, you should repeat the step or allow the user to exit and request technical support.

Query Parameters
  • sourceNetworkId string required

    The ID of the source network

  • sourceAssetId string required

    The ID of the source asset

  • targetNetworkId string required

    The ID of the target network

  • amount string

    The amount of the asset

  • tokenId string

    The tokenId of the asset in case of an NFT

  • recipient string required

    The EVM wallet address or hedera account id of the recipient of the target asset.



Schema array
  • abi string
  • amount string
  • memo string
  • networkId integer
  • polling integer
  • receiver string
  • spender string
  • target string
  • targetChain integer
  • tokenId string
  • type string
  • wrappedToken string