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Running via Docker Compose

A Docker Compose script docker-compose.yml has been created to simplify building and running a validator node. You may run this script locally or after setting up a remote machine / server that you can SSH into.

Docker Compose consists of scripts for the following components:

  • PostgreSQL database
  • hashport Validator Node (Application)

Containers use the following persisted volumes:

  • ./db on your local machine maps to /var/lib/postgresql/data in the container, containing all necessary files for the PostgreSQL database.
  • If the database container fails to initialize properly, or the database fails to run, you will need to delete the folder.


Before running the following command, you need to have the necessary configuration populated, particularly node.yml and bridge.yml. These files persist as a volume to the Application container.

docker-compose up

To stop and remove the containers, networks, volumes, and images created from up, simply run:

docker-compose down