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The hashport Portal enables the movement of assets between two different token economies through Locking/Vault, Release/Vault, Minting, and Burning contracts that exist in each asset's network. hashport currently supports the following transactions:

  • Hedera -> Wrapped Hedera (EVM)
  • Wrapped Hedera (EVM) -> Hedera

General Process

At a high-level, assets will move through the following process:

  1. A User executes a transaction in the From network (e.g. Hedera)
  2. Validators verify the From transaction data and sign their authorization signature
  3. The User waits for supermajority from the validators
  4. A To transaction data is created and executed on the To chain

These transactions may have more processes depending on which From and To chain the User selects.

For more specifics on the process, click on one of the following links:

Hedera Native Assets

EVM Native Assets