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hashport Brand Hub

Welcome to the hashport Brand Hub for clients and partners. Here you will find all hashport logos, promotional imagery and video, and diagrams to help explain or showcase hashport to your users.

If you believe something is missing or if you would like to get in touch with the hashport marketing team, reach out to email.

Company Overview

  1. Boilerplate

    i. hashport is an enterprise-grade public utility that facilitates the movement of digital assets between distributed networks, extending their functionality in a quick, secure, and cost-effective way.

  2. Company Overview

    i. The hashport Portal provides an interoperability-first approach to maximize the potential of Users’ assets by giving them the freedom to go where the opportunity is in a secure, reliable, and highly accessible manner. Although hashport will initially support Hashgraph, Ethereum, and Polygon, we are actively integrating more tokens and networks.

  3. About the hashport Brand Hub

    i. Please do not recolour any of the logos or assets unless you've received prior permission from the hashport marketing team.

    ii. Please do not skew or change the aspect ratios of any logos or assets.

    iii. Please do not modify, crop, or cut any logos or assets.

    iv. If you would like to suggest, create, or coordinate with hashport to create an asset in conjunction with your team or company, please contact us.

hashport logos

This is the hashport logo and glyph. They should be used when including the hashport brand in any of your webpages, products, or services.

Black: svg / pdf / ai / png
White: svg / pdf / ai / png


Black: svg / pdf / ai / png
White: svg / pdf / ai / png

Visual Language

Below is a collection of stock imagery and videos you can use for blog posts and social media when announcing partnership with hashport or when you include the hashport brand in any of your webpages, products, or services.


.zip: Coming Soon!


Teaser Video 1: Coming Soon!
Teaser Video 2: Coming Soon!
Demo Video 1: Coming Soon!

System Diagrams

Here you'll find a collection of diagrams and instructional graphics aimed at helping your users understand how hashport works and what happens to their digital assets while interacting with the hashport Portal.

We'll be adding more and improving these over time, however, if there is a diagram you believe is missing, please contact us!

Hedera to Wrapped Hedera: jpg
Wrapped Hedera to Hedera: jpg
Hedera to EVM: jpg
EVM to Hedera: jpg

Tokenized Asset logos

Here you will find a collection of tokenized asset logos that are interoperable on hashport. A tokenized asset is a 1:1 projection of the native asset that is minted on the destination chain - and can then be used as any token can within that destination chain's ecosystem. To visually differentiate between the underlying asset (e.g. HBAR) and its tokenized counterpart, we've developed a set of "Tokenized Asset" logos.

The definition of hashport's Tokenized Assets following the pattern described below:

<underlying asset>[<destination chain>]

For example, the tokenized asset where the underlying asset is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) and its destination chain is Ethereum (ETH), would be displayed as:


  • HBAR[eth]: Coming Soon!
  • HBAR[0x]: Coming Soon!
  • HTS[eth]: Coming Soon!
  • HTS[0x]: Coming Soon!
  • MATIC[hts]: Coming Soon!
  • MATIC[eth]: Coming Soon!
  • ETH[hts]: Coming Soon!
  • ETH[0x]: Coming Soon!